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Smoked Brisket Tacos

Yeow! These tacos are packed with flavor and so easy to make! I start with a frozen, sliced and smoked, store-bought brisket. But you can always slow cook your own and make these the next day as a great way to use any leftover brisket.

By freezing the brisket first, you can dump it into a crockpot, along with your other veggies and seasonings, to slow cook together. This will incorporate everything together and leaves your with fork tender brisket for your taco's. The flavor is incredible.

Here's how we do it... Let's cook!

Smoked Brisket Taco's

Crockpot Ingredients:

2 lb store bought, smoked & sliced Brisket, frozen

2 cups beef broth

4 tbsp olive oil

2 red sweet mini peppers, whole

1 sweet onion, thickly sliced

1 red bell pepper, thickly sliced

1 4 oz can chopped green chile's

1 tsp kosher salt

1 tsp black pepper

1 tbsp minced garlic

2 tsp cumin

1 tsp Ranch seasoning


12 flour tortillas

1 cup shredded mozzarella

1 cup shredded cheddar

1 bunch cilantro, chopped

1 bunch green onion, chopped

1 6 oz carton sour cream


Spray a crockpot with oil. Add frozen brisket and beef broth. Add in chopped vegetables, green chile's, garlic and drizzle with olive oil. Sprinkle with remaining seasonings. Cover and cook on Low for 2-3 hours until vegetables are translucent and tender. Turn crockpot down to simmer and cook for an additional hour.

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Scoop brisket and vegetables out of the crockpot and add to a large cast iron skillet. Spread out evenly. Using a ladle, spoon some of the au jus "gold" from the bottom of the crockpot and drizzle over the brisket. Sprinkle with cheeses evenly. Ladle more au jus over the cheese. Bake for 15 minutes, or until cheese are melted and golden brown.

Garnish with cilantro and green onions. Generously spoon mixture into warmed, flour tortillas. Top with a dollop of sour cream and dig into this heavenly feast!

Seriously ya'll. This is so dang good. Eat up!


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